DNS Exercise Classes

When we were crawling around as babies, our brain was developing in a way that gave us good posture, stable joints and effortless movements that were meant to last a lifetime. As we get older and injuries mount, changes occur in the brain that creates compensations that most of us aren’t aware of.

Compensations become ingrained in our brain and as a result, we end up developing bad posture, poor joint alignment, loss of flexibility, and the inability to stabilize our bodies properly. Muscle, tendon and joint stress accumulates to a point where the body starts breaking down and we develop painful “wear and tear” conditions, such as arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, herniated discs, and so on. 

This class is designed to change all that!  

It is based on a relatively new, ground-breaking approach to exercise called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). DNS exercises are performed in developmental “milestone” positions, the same positions in which we originally learned to move. DNS “reboots” your brain and retrains your body to move and stabilize as it should, making your body stronger and more resilient to your daily activities and recreational sports.

Movement Development Exercises…The Building Blocks for Effortless Movement!

DNS Exercise Class 
Tuesdays  10-11AM

Single Session   $20
5 Sessions          $89
10 Sessions        $169

A participant’s experience from the class… 

Hi Dr. Hamm, 
I felt the need to send you an email… today before my workout I ran myself through a lot of what we did in DNS class yesterday and especially focused on some things that I am weak with…
The way my body felt during my workout was worth celebrating. I moved soooo much more freely!  My joints feel free and light!! I felt balanced and pain free! I felt muscles in my mid back working just naturally and my glute meds!!! More grounded.
A great day.  Thank youuuu!!!
Andrea M.